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E Series

E Series: Modern Series of Solis Tractor

The Solis E series is a technology driven, powerful and performance driven agriculture tractor. E Series is equipped with Japanese Technology and gives more productivity, more comfort and fuel efficient. High ground clearance enables smooth and hurdle free operations. E Series is best suited all farming needs and especially for puddling and heavy applications. E series tractors can pull and control the numerous farm implements including cultivator, rotavator and harvesters. This newly designed agriculture tractor has been become a favorite for farmers because of its self- propelling and self- powering nature. For new tractor price visit nearest dealerships for truly amazing and affordable product that is used for the multi-purposes.

Efficient Features Of Our Solis Tractors
There are multiple models of the E series including SOLIS 4215 E, SOLIS 4515 E and SOLIS 5015 E with diverse functionalities. The agriculture tractor is available both in 2WD & 4WD and is offered in a wide range with superior quality.

  • Compromising of Powerful E3 Engine: Designed by Japanese expert with powerful E3 engine having Extra Power, Extra Torque and Extra Pick up.
  • East Shift Speed Plus Gearbox: Additional features are having a high-speed gearbox that allows high performance and reduced emissions.
  • Next-Gen Hydraulic: Digitally controlled for precise and uniform depth of operations. Automatic Hitch lowering and raising for easy mounting and dismounting implements.
  • High Lift Capacity: Offers self- powering to handle heavy load and hauling work.
  • Adjustable Deluxe Seats: Attached with high-quality seats for comfortable driving even for longer hours.
  • Turn plus Technology: Shorter turning radius with excellent maneuverability.

We offer an agriculture tractor at really affordable prices which suits all. Contact nearest dealership for more inquiries or contact at our Toll Free number.

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