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SN Series

SN Series: Orchard Expert!

Solis has designed its new SN series tractors that offer the best farming operations with durability and high- performance. Its narrow design makes it suitable for move freely in narrow track farming, inter cultivation and spraying pesticides. It works efficiently with all kind of blowers, sprayers and narrow farming equipment’s. SN Series Solis Tractor is available in 12F + 4R as well as 6F + 2R transmission. The mini tractor price is too reasonable that can be easily afforded by the farmers. Available in 4WD!

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Innovative Features Of Our Solis Tractors
Solis Yanmar tractors creating a new benchmark in the tractor industry through its power and advanced technologies. Solis tractors are designed to enhance our promise of providing technology driven products with reliability & application suitability.

  • Japanese Technology E3 Engine Expert: E3 Engine having extra-large size leading Extra Power, Extra Torque and Extra Pickup.
  • Japanese Technology Transmission Expert: Side shift gear mechanism for all range of application, Smooth gear shifting, Multi speed transmission with 12+4 and 6+2 express speed gearbox.
  • Japanese Technology Hydraulic Expert: Digitally controlled precise and uniform depth of operation, Next Gen Hydraulic Control valve for more comfort, saving in Money & time and increase productivity.
  • High Ground Clearance: Enables Smooth & hurdle free operations.
  • Turn Plus Technology: Turn plus axle for shorter turning radius with excellent maneuverability.
  • Efficient Fuel Combustion: Results in Extra Mileage, Extra Engine Life for trouble free operations.

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