Through Solis Agri Solutions, Solis Yanmar doesn’t offer you just implements, but offers a complete range of agriculture solutions. From land preparation to mulching, we have got you covered at every stage of your crop cycle. These implements perform the best when used with Solis Yanmar tractors and give you an edge in your farming because they are greater in power, performance & style.

Solis Agri Solutions offers the most diverse range of high performing implements that increase your productivity and enhance your output. Check out our implements like cultivator, rotavator, plough, sprayer, mulcher, baler, etc. and get to know their complete specifications.

To help you make the right choice, our experts worked on the which implement would suit you the best for a particular crop, tractor and the crop cycle stage.

  • Choose the crop
  • Select the HP segment of the tractor
  • Choose the crop cycle stage

Based on your choices, we’ll recommend the best implements of Solis Agri Solutions that should be used.

Additionally, download our app Solis Assist from the Play Store and rent any implement for desired period of time from your nearest Solis Yanmar dealership at attractive prices.

To view Solis Yanmar tractors, please click here and to view your nearest dealership please click here.

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