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Dr. Deepak Mittal

(MD, Solis Tractors)

An ardent economist recognized for strong adherence to customer-centric approach, business ethics, and community welfare & environment protection, Dr. Mittal has been instrumental in navigating the brand name – SOLIS, across the world.

He started his career in 1980 from farm equipment with a vision to contribute in the development of agriculture industry.  Dr. Mittal is spearheading the Solis business since the first order of tractors in 2012 and he was instrumental in making it a formidable player across the globe with presence in over 130+ countries. Following a farmer oriented approach, he relentlessly invested and prioritized in R&D to translate farmer’s feedback into actionable  insight for innovation.

Mr. Ken Okuyama

(Director, Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd.)

Born in Yamagata, Japan, 1959, Mr. Ken has worked as a Chief Designer for General Motors, a Senior Designer for Porsche AG, and a Design Director for Pininfarina S.p.A., being responsible for Ferrari Enzo, Maserati Quattroporte and many other projects. He is also known for numerous products such as motorcycles, furniture, robots and architecture. In 2007, he founded Ken Okuyama Design providing design business consultancy to many corporations.

He has been the Director of Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd. since 2013 and is also responsible for the design of various Yanmar products, including tractors. He also holds a position in the jury of the Reddot Design Award and also of the Peninsula Classics Best of the Best, a visiting professor of several universities, and published many books.

Mr. Ken Okuyama

(Director, Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd.)

Solis, a part of International Tractors Ltd. Group, is the leading exporter of 20-110 HP range of tractors from India and is present across the 130+ countries; creating a new benchmark in the tractor industry through its power and advanced technologies. Having a very strong presence in most of the significant markets worldwide, currently Solis is the market leader in 4 different countries of Asia and Africa. Offering customized tractors as per local preferences in Brazil and Argentina, we are presently the only Indian Tractor Company to have presence across 20 countries in Latin & South America. While augmenting noticeable presence in 33 EU & non-EU countries, Solis has also successfully launched its tractors in the USA market. The brand has assembly plants in 4countries; Brazil, Turkey, Cameroon & Algeria.

Understanding and valuing the customer base in the domestic market, Solis has launched this range of best tractors in India packed with best in class Japanese Technology. Solis tractors are designed to enhance our promise of providing technology driven products with reliability & application suitability. With the introduction of technology assisted farming by Solis in India, it is the herald of a new era of precision farming in the agriculture industry.




More than 100 years ago, Yanmar started developing products that not only get the job done, but also do it in a manner that’s best for Mother Earth. The company is always searching for ways to improve technology and enhance design to make the operator’s job easier. Today, Yanmar is a $7 billion company with over 19,000 employees worldwide. Their primary focus is in agriculture, industrial engines, marine, energy system and construction. Yanmar began a legacy of innovation and environmental awareness that took this company beyond comparison.

The engines for agricultural use in the early 20th century burned oil and were cumbersome, heavy and difficult to start. As a result, they did little to improve the efficiency of the workers who planted and harvested rice. Finding the existing options unworkable, founder Magokichi Yamaoka created a new type of diesel engine. In 1933, he successfully developed the world’s first small diesel engine with a cold-start mechanism. And since it used less oil than the conventional versions, it fulfilled his tenet: “To conserve fuel is to serve mankind.” It also established an unspoken, but loudly understood, tone for the company: Yanmar would be better than the rest.

Today, Yanmar’s diesel engines are assembled in the state-of-the-art factory in Biwa. Besides that, the agriculture equipment including the Yanmar Tractor range of 13 HP – 113 HP are manufactured in the mother plant at Okayama. The company is also expanding its tractor assembly facilities to Adairsville, Georgia and Bangkok, Thailand. From the Performance Link Technology of the engine drive train to the Yanmar team in Georgia, the brand believes one will always find every aspect of Yanmar to be of exceptional quality.









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May this day brings happiness to you and fill your life with joy and prosperity. Solis wishes you a happy #RamNavami
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We’ve come a long way with your love and
support. To the awesome 2.5 Lakh followers who kept us going.
Keep up and keep us fueled with your support!
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Now the wait is over!!! Book Solis Tractor now and get your Tractor at Subsidized rate!!

Hurry to avail this special offer!! Applicable only in Gujarat.

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Presenting the World’s 1st Hybrid tractor (Solis Hybrid 5015) with fully advanced Japanese technology.

A revolutionary tractor that is designed to fulfill every farmer’s dream to own 3 different tractors at a price of 1 tractor. It delivers superior performance of a 60 HP tractor and gives the fuel efficiency of 45 HP tractor as per the farmer’s need, while being a 50 HP tractor.

To know more visit: https://www.solis-yanmar.com/hybrid/

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May this day brings happiness to you and fill your life with joy and prosperity. Solis wishes you a happy #RamNavami2021
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We’ve come a long way with your love and support. To the awesome 2.5 Lakh followers whonkept us going.
Keep up and keep us fueled with your support!
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Solis Yanmar presents the revolutionary Japanese Technology for India, Solis 5015 Hybrid, which gives advantage of three tractors in one - utility of 50HP, Power of 60HP and fuel efficiency of 45HP.
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Just as a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around. May the new year add a new beauty, freshness & prosperity into your life.
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